Welcome to Renewable Energy Remote Laboratory of Department of Energy Engineering!

The website presents the laboratory about a micro scale, renewable energy based system with local heat and electricity production, storage and usage placed on the roof the Building  D at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The measured energetical and meteorological data are available online (actual data and graphs), and can be dowloaded as tables for educational, research purposes in case of the internet connection with BME IP address. The schematic diagram, descriptions about devices and a panorama image can be found under Layout. Online  webcam verifies the actual conditions of the remote laboratory, eg. rain, sunshine, clouds, shading of surfaces.

Meteorological and technical monitoring

The surrounding parameters like global and diffuse radiation, environment temperature, wind speed and the system parameters like flow rates, temperatures, voltages, currents are measured and collected on computer.

Heat production based on renewable energy sources

Three different solar collector types provides heat simultaneously to the heat storage buffer tank: one vacuum tube and two flat-plate solar collectors. The angle of inclination can be changed. The temperature of the tank and the heat consumers are controllable.

Electricity production based on renewable energy sources

Photovoltaic modules and wind generator produce electricity to batteries, which supplies electric consumers both in direct current and in alternating current whith the help of an inverter through the local "green" grid. In the frame of research there are possibilities for remote access to the control system (eg. sending programmed or remote setpoints to the controllers).


The laboratory is under construction.