Lists of installed devices with short descriptions, images and main technical data.

Energy production, transformation, storage and consumption:

Data collecting, measuring and control devices:

Solar collectors

Devices transforming the incoming solar energy to heat. ...

Flat-plate solar collector TS

Thermosolar TS 300 solar collector technical data (hungarian):
High efficiency, flat plate collector with a long lifespan. The high efficiency is due to the nickel-pigmented aluminum-oxide selective coating on the absorbing plate which is applied by galvanization, the long life is achieved by corrosion resistant structural materials and the perfectly sealed, deep drawn housing. The internals are made with coil tubing, therefore the collector should only be used in a pump system.
~800-1100 kWh
Technical data:
Dimensions (thickness x width x height): 75 x 1009 x 2009 mm. Rated module size: 1040 x 2040 mm. Full collector area: 2,03 m2. Radiated collector area (free glass surface): 1,78 m2. Absorber plate surface: 1,76 m2. Full weight, without absorber fluid: 36,5 kg. Fluid capacity: 1,57 liter. Cover: 4 mm of high purity tempered glass. Collector housing: deep drawn, corrosion resistant Al-Mg alloy. Back insulation: 40 mm thick mineral wool. Structure of the absorber plate: Aluminum plate pressed onto a brass pipe. Absorber’s selective coating: ALOx. The plate’s absorber coefficient: min 0,94. The plate’s emission factor at 82 °C: max 0,16. Max temperature when idle (1000 W/m2 25°C) 178°C. Rated pressure of the fluid: 350-500 kPa (3,5-4 bar). Maximal pressure of the fluid: 600 kPa (6 bar). Recommended flow: 30-100 l/h per collector. Built in temperature sensor’s sleeves inside diameter: 6 mm. Connections: 3/4" threaded nut with viton seal.

Solar vacuum tube SK

Technical data of SK8 CPC collector:
Length: 1644 mm. Width: 905 mm. Height: 95 mm. No. of tubes: 8. Gross area: 1,488 m2. Aperture area: 1,25 m2. Active absorber area 360°: 1,325 m2. Weight: 25,5 kg. Volume: 1,3 liter. Max. operating pressure: 6 bar. Mechanical load - Snow and wind load: Collector surface test pressure: 2500 Pa. Heat production: 400 W/m2 by solar irradiation: 323 W. 700 W/m2 by solar irradiation: 565 W. 1000 W/m2 by solar irradiation: 808 W.

Solar pumps

Solar pumps technical data (hungarian):
Detailed description is under construction.

Heating buffer storage
Heating buffer storage Heating buffer storage with DHW flow heat exchangers, welded solar heat exchanger. This is ideal for your wood or pellet boiler in case and to use gas boiler and solar collectors in combination.
The Heating buffer storage made by welded steel. Sensor to measure the temperature of the tank at any level. Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar. Maximum operating temperature: 95 °C.

Solar cells

Amorphous silicon solar cell DS

Characteristics of DUNASOLAR DS40 amorphous silicon PV modul (hungarian):
Technical data:
Max. weight: 13.5 kg. Surface: 0.8 m2. Module size: 635 mm x 1245 mm. Nominated power: 40 Wp. Voltage in maximum power point: Ump = 44.8 V. Current in maximum power point: Imp = 0.8 A. Open circuit voltage: Uoc = 62.2 V. Short circuit current: Isc = 1.15 A. Monocrystalline solar cell K


Characteristics of KORAX KS-255B monocrystalline PV modul (hungarian):
30_k_01.jpg 30_k_02.jpg
Technical data:
Max. weight: 19 kg. Surface: 1.61 m2. Module size: 977 mm x 1657 mm. Nominated power: 255 Wp. Voltage in maximum power point: Ump = 31.49 V. Current in maximum power point: Imp = 8.1 A. Open circuit voltage: Uoc = 37.83 V. Short circuit current: Isc = 8.59 A. Polycrystalline silicon solar cell AS


Characteristics of AMERISOLAR 250W polycrystalline silicon PV modul (hungarian):
30_as_01.jpg 30_as_02.jpg
Technical data:
Max. weight: 19 kg. Surface: 1.624 m2. Module size: 992 mm x 1637 mm. Nominated power: 250 Wp. Voltage in maximum power point: Ump = 30.5 V. Current in maximum power point: Imp = 8.31 A. Open circuit voltage: Uoc = 37.9 V. Short circuit current: Isc = 7 A.

Indoor solar module STJ

Wind turbine

Wind turbine FD2.5-300 operation manual (english):
fd01.jpg fd02.jpg fd03.jpg fd04.jpg fd05.jpg fd06.jpg fd07.jpg fd08.jpg fd09.jpg fd10.jpg

Technical data:
Model: FD2.5-300. Number of blades: 3. Material of blades: fiberglass resin. Rotor diameter: 1.5 m. Start-up wind speed: 2.5 m/s. Rated wind speed: 12 m/s. Maximum wind speed: 25 m/s. Rated rpm: 400/min. Generator: permanent magnetic alternator. Rated power: 300 W. Maximal power: 500 W. Rated voltage: 12 V or 24 V. Charger regulation: electronic regulator. Annual average energy production: 750 kWh. Recommended batteries: 2 pieces of 12 V 150 Ah lead-acid batteries. Charging time: 10 hours. Direction of tail rotates automatically according to strong wind. Protection: manual. Height of tower: 6 m. Net weight: 17 kg. Weight: 95 kg (with tower).