To perform the remote experiments you need to use Mozilla Firefox 3.x, Adobe Flash Player 9 or 10 (Internet Explorer not supported yet, but it works without webcam), please turn on the JavaScript and assign the pop-up windows.

After the registration, choose "Sing up a measurement"




In the calendar you can choose the date, and on the right side choose the time, with press "Next".
You can accept and confirm your registration for this remote measurement in the chosen time interval, with "OK" button in the "My measurements", you can check your chosen time interval and measurement, and on this page you can start the measurement


When the time is in your chosen time interval you can start this measurement, the test will open in a new window: 



 The Measurement control buttons on the left side:
  • Infralamp - you can switch on and off the infralamp,
  • Fan - you can switch on and off the fan,
  • Heat 1 - you can switch on and off the heater 1,
  • Heat 2 - you can switch on and off the heater 2,
  • Stop this measurement

On the middle and the right side are the indicators, and the measured results. The time delay is normally around 4-8 sec.
When you finis the test, push the "Stop this measurement" button then you (normally) get "Your data has been successfully saved. Goodbye!" answers. You can close this window, it is not active in your chosen time interval anymore!

 Your saved date is in "My saved data" window in .csv format, what you can download for the calculations !


 You can download the results anytime, when you logged in !