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Duplicate Exam 20.05.2015, 12:00 (D218)

The CODE studies, chapter S 129/16 VIIaii

Retake Exam:

An exam designed to improve the result of a successful test or retest within the same test period. The third and subsequent re-entry exam for the same subject is the same as the re-entry examination, regardless of whether it is charged at the time of appointment;

Measurements in Thermal Engineering (BMEGEENMWM2) 

2019/2020 2nd semester


Lecture notes:

All students have to arrive with a printed blank lab report !

Mark of the subject: 30+30% from the 2 midterm tests, 4x10% from the lab reports

The lab reports must be sent to the lab's e-mail address with in 2 weeks!

Minimum requirement from the labs and tests is 40%!


Replacement Tests: 27/05/2020. (Wed), 10 am-3 pm, at Moodle !


Monday and Tuesday: 12:00-13:45

2020.02.24 - - -
2020.02.25 ORC Groniewsky R217
2020.03.02 ICE Bereczky R217
2020.03.03 ICE Bereczky R217
2020.03.09 ICE lab Bereczky DCs Lab.
2020.03.10 GasEngines Bereczky R217
2020.03.23 Fuel cells Viki Distance learning
2020.03.24 Solar cells Mayer Distance learning
2020.??.?? Solar cell lab  Mayer D 6th floor
2020.03.30 Cooling systems + Test1 Maiyaleh Distance learning
2020.03.31 Cooling systems Maiyaleh Distance learning
2020.03.06 Heat Pump Systems
Maiyaleh R217
Distance learning
2020.04.07 Absorption type Cooling Maiyaleh Distance learning
2020.04.13 Test2 Maiyaleh Distance learning
2020.??.?? Test2   DCs. Lab.


The code is the first and the las letter of the Neptun code!


Lecture Notes:

Lab reports: