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Repeated retake exam on 22/05/2019, 12:00 (D218)

By the CODE OF STUDIES, Chapter VIIII S 129/16

Schedule of the State Exam at 05/07/19 in D-218


15 min./topic!

After receiving (any) question, it is forbidden to leave the room!

Repeated retake exam:
exam aimed at improving the results of a successful exam or a retake exam in the same exam period. A third and any subsequent retake exam in the same subject is considered the same as a repeated retake exam, irrespective of the term it is taken in and will be subject to a fee;

Energy Conversion Processes and their Equipment (BMEGEENMWEP)

Tuesday:16:15-19:00 (D-218);

Dear Students, tomorrow we will start with the test in D-218!


Labs: Meeting at the main entrance of the DCs lab!

Localisation of the labs:

Heat Pump: DCs F3

ICE Test: DCs F5

Solarcell: D building 7. floor (west staircase)


-Required minimum result is 40% in each test!

average T1 = (66%), T2  (71%), T3 (82%) !

Labreports and lecture notes:


25/05/19, R - received

-The Lab. Reports must be send to the Labs e-mail address (MWEP "at" with in 2 weeks! Subject: title of the Lab!

I ask to send the lab reports at the latest 28/05/19, 12:00!

Supplementary labs: Please consult the leaders about the date!

Grades will be determined as follows:
First test: 25%
Second test: 25%
Third test: 25%
Labreports: 25%

Replacement Tests: 22/05/2019 (Wednesday), 12:00, D-218!

Measurements in Thermal Engineering (BMEGEENMWM2)  



The labreports:

-The Lab. Reports must be send to the Labs e-mail address (MWM2 "at" with in 2 weeks! (subject: title of the lab.)

Lab Groups + Test results!


OK - Lab rep. accepted, N.L.R - No Lab report LR - labreport recived!

The Dead line of the Lab reports: 22/05/2018 (Tuesday), 16:00!

Labor Leader e-mail
Supp date    
    Place of Test
Heat transfer and fin efficiency Botond Szücs 
szucsbotond "at"
Gasengine test Ákos Bereczky
bereczky "at"
Instacioner boiler test and calculations Alexisz Matejcsik alex.matejcsik "at"
Dynamical process identification Tibor Szűcs szucs "at"

Replacement Tests: 22/05/2019 (Wednesday), 12:00, D-218!

Presentation and the Laboratories are obligatory!

First test: 30%
Second test: 30%

Labreports: 40%



(End of Present Semester)