Flame spectrophotometer

 The radical composition of the flame might be determined by the flame emission spectroscopy at different condition of combustion. Applying the spectroscopy the combustion processes and features of these renewable gases might be compared to each other and to the reference gas (natural gas). The aim of the measurements is the detection of radicals: CO, CH, C2, OH, HCO and products: CO2, H2O and NO.
The spectrophotometer in point consists of a targeting system and a measuring optical system. The measuring quartz lens and the rotate able imaging lens form the objective of the spectrophotometer. The quartz objective with focal length 0,5 meter transforms the flame’s surface with diameter of 5 mm to the input of the quartz fibre optics. At the output of the quartz fibre optics the fibres are arranged to line which is the input slot of the polychromator unit. The holographic grid transforms the 50 mm slot to the NMOS detector which has 1024 pixels. After conditioning, the analogue signal of the diodes is digitized by a 16 bits AD converter. The data are transferred to the PC through USB.

Figure 1. Build up of the spectrophotometer