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Duplicate Exam 20.05.2015, 12:00 (D218)

The CODE studies, chapter S 129/16 VIIaii

Retake Exam:

An exam designed to improve the result of a successful test or retest within the same test period. The third and subsequent re-entry exam for the same subject is the same as the re-entry examination, regardless of whether it is charged at the time of appointment;

State exam, 22/01/2020, D-224

President: Dr. Ákos Bereczky

Dr. Krisztian Stanko, Dr. Ferenc Lezsovits, Dr. Pál Szentannai

Dr. Ádám Kovács (Th. Mech), Dr. Tamás Fülöp (Th. Ph)

External member: Dr. Péter Ván

Secretary: Botond Szücs




Candidates arrive an hour earlier, retrieve themes, elaborate them, and then begin the exam.
12 minutes diploma presentation, 8 minutes discussion, 10 minutes / subject.
Results announcement after the last defense

Energy conversion (BMEGEENNWEC)

Wed: 10am - 3pm (D-316 / A ! );


- The required minimum score is 40% for each test!

average T1 = (), T2 (), T3 ()!

Thurs: 4:15 pm to 6:00 pm, DCs or D216


Group A: NWEC1-10, Group B: NWEC11-18, Group C: NWEC20-30


Group 1 ICE Test will be on November 21, 2019 at 5:00 pm (sorry)

Heat pump: DC3 F3

ICE Test: DCs F5

Solar Panel: Building D, 6th floor (This lab is located on the west side of Building D, 6th floor, take the western elevator to the 5th floor and up the stairs!)

Please send lab reports by 19/18/18 by 10:00!


R - Received!

Reports and presentations:

-Every student should print out the lab report in front of the lab and bring it in!

- The lab. Reports should be sent to Labs email (MWEP) within 2 weeks at ""! Subject: Address of the laboratory!

Auxiliary Laboratories: Please consult with managers about the date!

The classes shall be defined as follows:
First Test: 25%
Second Test: 25%
Third Test: 25%
Labreports: 25%

Replacement Tests: 12/18/2018. (Wed), 10am, D-218!

About the ICE Laboratory :
  • pressure / crank angle diagram for each cycle (50 cycles) + average
  • Average graph of the average cycle
  • PV diagram of average cycles with different air volumes
  • Comparison of average cycles versus excess air
  • (Comparison of average cycle variations versus excess air dose)


Energy processes and equipment (BMEGEENBGEB, formerly BMEGEENAG71)

Last -second- supplementary test on; 12/27/19, 3:15 p.m.

Fri: 8:30 am-11am (D218);

Test 3 starts at 19:12 at 10:15!


11/19/2018 - Turbines
22/11/2019 - Gas Engines!

Reports and presentations: 

- A laboratóriumok és tesztek minimális követelménye 40%!
-Minimum 70% -os részvétel előadásokon!
-A laboratóriumok kötelezőek!
-A laboratórium előtt minden hallgatónak ki kell nyomtatnia a laboratóriumi jelentést, és be kell hoznia!


-A fokozatot a következőképpen kell meghatározni:

  • Első teszt: 25%
  • Második teszt: 25%
  • Harmadik teszt: 25%
  • Labreports: 25%
  0% -39% = 1
40% -55% = 2
56% -70% = 3
71% -85% = 4

1. Csoport: BGEB-E-1-10, 
2. Csoport: BGEB-E-11-21, 


D6 * - ez a laboratórium a D épület 6. emeletének nyugati oldalán található, menjen a nyugati lifttel az 5. emeletre és lépcsőn felfelé!

Kérem, hogy küldje el a laboratóriumi jelentéseket és az esszéket legkésőbb 19/18/18, 10:00 óráig!


The Stacioner bolier test dates are 24/10/19-12: 15, 24/10/19-18:15 and 28/10/19-12:15.

** The meeting point of the Livable Future Park in Fót, from BME to 11:00 (19/11/15) on the Steet side of Building R (1 + 2), is a must visit

F - Stacioner Boiler Test Date: 24/10/19-12: 15, 24/10/19-18: 15, and 28/10/19-12: 15.

Before the lab, each student must print out and submit the lab report!

The lab. Reports should be sent to Labs email (AG71A) within 2 weeks at "". Subject: Address of the laboratory!

Auxiliary Laboratories:  Please consult with managers about the date!

Replacement Tests: 12/18/2018. (Wed), 10am, D-218!


(End of this semester)