State exam:

2022/06/30, Room: D 224: 




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The CODE studies, chapter S 129/16 VIIaii

Retake Exam:

An exam designed to improve the result of a successful test or retest within the same test period. The third and subsequent re-entry exam for the same subject is the same as the re-entry examination, regardless of whether it is charged at the time of appointment;

2020/2021 1-st semester

Energy Conversion (BMEGEENNWEC)


Lecture notes:

All document are on the Moodle!

All students have to arrive with a printed blank lab report !

Mark of the subject: 30+30% from the 2 midterm tests, 4x10% from the lab reports

The lab reports must be sent to the lab's e-mail address with in 2 weeks!

Minimum requirement from the labs and tests is 40%!

Replacement Tests: xxxxx